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Wisdom Tooth Removal

A tooth that fails to emerge or fully break through the gum tissue is, by definition, "impacted." This is a common problem associated with third molars, or wisdom teeth, as they are the last teeth to develop and erupt into the mouth. Sometimes, however, other teeth can also become impacted.

Typical symptoms associated with impacted teeth are pain, swelling and signs of infection in the surrounding tissues. An impacted tooth has the potential to cause permanent damage to adjacent teeth, gum tissue and supporting bone structure. Impacted teeth are also associated with the development of cysts and tumors that can destroy large portions of the jaw.

Many times impacted wisdom teeth are not treated until symptoms are present; but a recent study conducted by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons indicates that third molars should be removed by the time the patient is a young adult in order to prevent related gum disease or other problems. Our surgeons have extensive training in the diagnosis and management of impacted.




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